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Mobile App Design

iOS | Android | Hybrid Apps

Crafting seamless interfaces for iOS and Android, our Native Design Services adhere to platform guidelines, ensuring a polished, user-centric experience.

Web App Design

Dashboard | SaaS

Web App Design: I offer personalized Web App UX/UI design, focusing on seamless interfaces that combine functionality with a unique visual appeal.


Web Design | Framer

Crafting captivating websites with Framer – a seamless blend of stunning visuals and dynamic functionality, tailored just for your business need.

XR Design

Prototyping with Bezi and Shapes XR | Storyboarding

Explore the future with our rapid AR/VR prototyping. From immersive environments to cutting-edge interfaces, I bring your ideas to life swiftly and precisely, delivering innovation at every step.

Design Systems

UI Design system built with Figma

Unlock design coherence effortlessly with my UI Design system, meticulously crafted using Figma. Elevate your brand’s visual identity for a seamless and captivating user experience.


Get personalized consultation

Navigate challenges, seize opportunities. Our concise product design consultation turns business problems into solutions, ensuring your product becomes a strategic asset for success.


Learn more about John Rodrigues

John Rodrigues is a product designer who is passionate about transforming brand ideas into meaningful digital products. With 7 years of experience in the product and design space, he has worked in various industries including fintech, healthcare, education, and sports. At Citi Bank, he has successfully led impactful product design initiatives. 

His previous work has been recognized by leading media and publications such as the New York Times and PhillyCHI.

Specializing in designing mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as SaaS products, John Rodrigues creates impactful products through strategy, research, user interface design, interaction design, and design project management.


what others have to say


Tyler J Cagle
Product Manager at Toca

“I had the pleasure of working with John through multiple projects and product launches. John’s attention to detail and dedication to systematizing processes was crucial for high speed growth. His user-centric design principles ensure correct prioritization and influence decision making.”

Lance Rocker
New York Times Journalist

 “John is perhaps one of the most visionary designers, I have ever worked with. He has an uncanny ability to translate vision into reality. He enjoys ushering a vision to completion and he won’t stop until the job is done.”

Steven Reubenstone
CEO of Collaborizm

“John is one of the hungriest entrepreneurial and design minds I know. He loves what he does, and that translates into someone who works exceptionally well with clients and customers John has great expertise in building MVPs, UI, and modern applications.”


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Specializing in designing mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as SaaS products, John Rodrigues creates impactful products through strategy.