John Rodrigues

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I will be your design partner and director, crafting products with strong UX and delightful UI that will grow your business and position you for success.

Mobile and Web App Design

Seamless mobile apps for iOS, Android, and hybrid platforms. Web-based SaaS products.

Design Systems

Design systems that facilitate your product’s growth, saving time and minimizing repetitive design work. It also decreases design and development friction using these systems.

Design Consultation

Have a 1:1 consultation on design direction, team building, and business strategy for you to gain clarity on the next steps and provide you with a roadmap as a deliverable.

3D Printing Management SaaS app


PAM iOS+ Android Native App

Virtual Reality Healthcare Learning Platform

In collaboration with Dice Group + Jefferson University

My work and contribution has been recognized by


My Toolbox

The tools i use to manage and delivery quality work. Once we start the project for the duration of the project you will get slack access to me

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About John Rodrigues

I am a Digital Product Designer with over 7 years of experience working for startups and enterprise companies. Currently, I am designing and leading complex financial products at JPMorgan Chase. Previously, I worked at Citi, where I designed products used by millions of users. In addition to enterprise work, I have also worked in startups such as TOCA Football, which raised $25M in seed funding. I completed my masters in Interaction Design and have a background in engineering.

Recently, I wrote a book titled “Landing a Design Job with Confidence,” and founded I have been recognized as one of the top 10 impactful mentors on ADPList. Some of my past work has been mentioned in leading media outlets such as The New York Times and PhillyCHI.

My Products and Resources

Product Design YouTube Channel

45K Views | 1500 Subscribers


Testimonials from past people I have worked with

It was a pleasure working with John!

I had the pleasure of working with John through multiple projects and product launches. John’s attention to detail and dedication to systematizing processes were crucial for high-speed growth. His user-centric design principles ensured correct prioritization and influenced decision-making

Tyler J Cagle
Product Manager at TOCA

Uncanny ability to translate vision to reality!

John is perhaps one of the most visionary designers I have ever worked with. He has an uncanny ability to translate vision into reality. He enjoys ushering a vision to completion and won’t stop until the job is done.


Lance Rocker
New York Times

He loves what he does!

John is one of the hungriest entrepreneurial and design minds I know. He loves what he does, and that translates into someone who works exceptionally well with clients and customers John has great expertise in building MVPs, UI, and modern applications.


Steven Reubenstone
CEO of Collaborizm

Landing a design job with confidence book

I’d highly recommend checking out “Landing a design job with confidence, by John Rodrigues, It’s jam packed with strategies based on research and not just pontification. This isn’t a sponsored post or anything. I am just grateful to john for some great coaching he did with me recently and wanted to spread the love for this book - Dan Mall

YouTube videos

I make videos on Figma and other design tools to help designers and business stay updated on the design industry changes. Check out my youtube channel from here 

Figma Prototyping course

I published a course on Prototyping with includes 11+ projects, this includes all the new Figma’s updates. You can learn more about the course from here