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One book to build confidence in your job search

A book for designers to help them land their next design job with confidence. This 147-page book is based on mentoring over 250+ designers, running 2 successful cohorts with 80% success rate, and John’s 7+ years of experience.

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“Hey John, I followed the exact things you mentioned last time and I passed the portfolio round! I was quite surprised actually, but your feedback were life saving”

Mia T


I purchased "Landing a Design Job with Confidence" and I've been thoroughly enjoying it. The tips provided in the book are fantastic! I particularly appreciate the insights on portfolio presentation, interview strategies, and the overall flow of information. As I explore new opportunities in UI/UX design, I'm excited to implement the valuable lessons I'm learning from the book.

Thank you for creating such a helpful resource!

I wrote this book from a place of empathy

Landing a job in this market is one of the most challenging aspects of the design industry. The tech industry has experienced more than 300K layoffs. Personally, I have experienced tons of challenges during the pandemic in landing a job and also in making a job switch during this challenging period. Using the strategies I learned over my 7+ years of experience, along with numerous failures and mistakes, I was able to land a job. Many designers reached out to me, asking, “How did you do it?” To answer that question, I wrote this book.

The book is themed around building confidence, which is the most important formula you need to succeed. It also covers best practices and expensive mistakes so you don’t miss out on opportunities and can succeed in the job search to land your dream job.

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The book is now available both paperback and ebook format

About John Rodrigues

I am a product designer with 7 years of experience in product design, currently working at JPMorgan Chase and the founder of this platform I also do career coaching and have mentored more than 250 designers. I create content on business and design and share it via my LinkedIn, YouTube, and Substack. I completed my masters in User Experience and Interaction Design from Thomas Jefferson University. Some of my past work has been mentioned in the New York Times and PhillyCHI. Outside of my work and career journey, I love to play the guitar, travel, game, and take good road trips.

When I started my career journey, I didn’t have the clarity I have now. I changed my career three times, from being a mechanical engineer, to an industrial designer, and now a product designer, finally ending up in Silicon Valley where the heart of innovation lives. I wrote this book to share everything I’ve learned from working for some of the best companies. My vision is to help you gain clarity, confidence, and direction through this book I wrote.

Lucas W - Apple

Had an amazing chat with John 😊 We exchanged some interesting resources and talked about the importance to understand the value of a designer. Would stay in touch and excited to talk again soon!


John is a fantastic instructor, providing concise feedback and opportunities for students to grow as designers. Whether you’re new to UX or have experience, the course will provide you with valuable design thinking strategies, allowing you to forge your own project path and choose your own adventure.

Lisa Kwon

This incredible environment for learning, growth, and thriving can be attributed to John. His wisdom, experience, and consistent personalized attention to each individual’s strengths and potential will remind you of that favorite teacher who genuinely believed in you.


I applied these skills at work, and my project’s demo got great feedback. It introduced design thinking to my company, and I was asked to present my work to the top executives. As a Product Designer, I got promoted to Design Lead. It’s proof that learning new skills can lead to exciting opportunities.

Mia T - CMU

Hey John, I followed the exact things you mentioned last time and I passed the portfolio round! I was quite surprised actually, but those feedback were life-savin

Daisy - UC Berkley

John is an amazing mentor! He listened carefully and provided very constructive feedback with actionable next steps for future improvements. It’s great talking with him and hope we can have more time to talk!

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